ARBEITERINNEN next shows from 30.10.21 on at Schauspiel Essen.


For the first time werkgruppe2 is publishing research talks. CHOICE is a podcast series on abortion rights and political protest. In ten countries we speak with experts and correspondents about the current situation, about political movements and successes.


FREDDA MEYER is in the Official Selection of Filmfest Dresden! We are happy! The festival is postponed to July 13th-18th 2021.


CRYING is online - 25 episodes about crying on stage and for film:

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Solidarity instead of privileges. It's about everyone. Art remains free!

Among many other cultural institutions, werkgruppe2 is one of the signatories of the DECLARATION OF THE MANY.

The restriction of artistic freedom is already a bitter reality in European countries like Turkey and Russia, but also within the European Union in Hungary or Poland. The threat to artistic freedom is also not unrealistic in Italy or Austria. In Germany and other EU countries, too, artistic freedom could be threatened by nationalist or right-wing authoritarian governmental involvement.

The countries of the European Union themselves represent a diversity of life plans and cultures. Their political design must be based on the idea of a Europe of the many: A Europe based on solidarity, which does not continue to seal itself off, but creates secure access for people from non-European countries who want to live here. Artists*, intellectuals, people with different views and people with other ways of life are also forced to emigrate from European countries and places all over the world. The right of asylum and freedom of movement like the freedom of art are connected with each other - art is not created within national borders. In the different constitutions and in the Declaration of Human Rights, the right of asylum is named like freedom of art. Both are intended to meet the requirements of a Europe of the many and to ensure that the many from non-European countries can also live in dignity. Safe escape routes, solidarity and an open society are for us indivisible, together with the "right to participate freely in the cultural life of the community ..." as stated in the Declaration of Human Rights.