documentary theatre

This is the police speaking

The police embody the state’s monopoly on violence like no other institution. It is the only institution authorized to use physical coercion and to do so it can greatly interfere with the basic rights of citizens protected by the constitution. So it’s no wonder that police violence in particular is a constantly controversial area, which is also fueled by left-wing stereotypes, and has recently been massively discussed in operations such as the evacuation of the occupied village of Lützerath. Nevertheless, police officers enjoy an above-average level of trust among the population. This ambivalent perception is to be investigated in the research-based project: What. what makes a good police force? How do you exercise state power as an individual police officer?

Regie: Julia Roesler

Komposition und Musikalische Leitung: Insa Rudolph

Kostüme und Bühne: Lea Dietrich, Viva Schudt

Dramaturgie: Silke Merzhäuser, Lovis Fricke

Recherche & Text: Julia Roesler, Silke Merzhäuser 

Premiere Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen: 16. Mai 2024
Premiere Schauspiel Hannover: September 2024
produced by werkgruppe2, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Schauspiel Hannover
funded by