FETT. About the visibility and representation of fat bodies on stage and screen

Why are there so few fat actresses and actors? And what does it mean for them to be cast, which roles are offered, how can clichés and prejudices be broken? What does it mean for directors to show different bodies, to develop characters? What are good experiences? In the podcast discussions, Katharina Bill asks theater and filmmakers about their experiences and visions. Your conversation partners are Andrea Schneider, Antigone Akgün, Julia Graefner, Thomas Lichtenstein, Doris Uhlich.

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with: Katharina Bill

concept and procucion: werkgruppe2 und Katharina Bill

sound: Studio Schieffer

Launch: 07. Januar 2022

Funded in the project LEIBER vom Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, MWK Niedersachsen and Stiftung Niedersachsen.

#1: Andrea Schneider, what means #allekoerperimblick?

In the first episode, Katharina Bill talks to Andrea Schneider, who is film and television actress and co-founded of the initiative #allekoerperimblick, about the reasons and goals of the initiative. In addition, it is about unheard dress sizes and difficult costume samples and again and again the question: why are so few fat actresses cast? Where does change have to start?