Do not disturb

The housekeeping maid moves silently and almost invisibly down the hotel corridors and disappears into the rooms. There she sees what the hotel guest has left behind, freshly covers the beds and collects hair from the bathroom floor. Here the boundaries of intimacy intersect and an illusion is created: for each new guest, the room should appear as if he or she were the first guest. Who are the people who clean the rooms and mostly remain speechless? How would you describe the work under great time pressure, full of discretion, personal responsibility and physical exertion? What is the difference between cleaning a hotel room and cleaning your own apartment? Where do the maids stay when they’re away? A radio play exclusively from interview texts with cleaning staff in German hotels. A commissioned production for Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Narrator: Vernesa Berbo Composition and sound: Insa Rudolph Sound and technology: Jan Fraune, Eugenie Kleesattel Dramaturgy: Barbara Gerland Director: Silke Merzhäuser, Insa Rudolph
Premiere: 29.03.2023 Deutschlandfunk Kultur