shortfilm, 2022, 18 min.


Anna is remembering stories from her childhood that were told so often that they became a self-description. Anna as a fat child in ballet class, Anna with a family friend in Venice, Anna as a teenager in the disco. These memories are part of an identity that is defined by the fat body, by the implanted thought of being wrong. How do you get rid of such images?

ANNA is the third hybrid short film by werkgruppe2, which is developed and realized together with performer Katharina Bill. The texts were taken verbatim from interviews with fat women.

with: Katharina Bill
Regie Julia Roesler Konzept/ Drehbuch Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler, Katharina Bill Recherche Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler Kamera Miriam Tröscher Musik Insa Rudolph Dramaturgie Silke Merzhäuser Kostümbild Sissi Zaccardelli Szenenbild/ Motivsuche Silke Schmidt Ton Antje Volkmann Aufnahmeleitung Swantje Möller Kameraassistenz Sophie Krabbe Schnitt Miriam Tröscher ColorGrading Andreas Hellmanzik Sounddesign Simone Weber Tonmischung Andreas Hellmanzik Eine Produktion von werkgruppe2, 2022
Preise: A38- Produktionsstipendium, Kasseler Dokfest 2022 Festivals: Krakow Filmfestival, Internationaler Wettbewerb, Weltpremiere Golden Ger International Filmfestival, Ulan Bator International Shorts Collective Festival, Pune Sinédoque Festival, Rio de Janeiro Kutaisi International Short Film Festival, Georgien Frontdoc, Internationales Dokumentarfilm Festival, Aosta, Italien ALCINE, Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Spanien Cyprus International Film Festival, Zypern Izmir Short Film Festival, Türkei Kasseler Dokfest, Deutsche Premiere KLEX Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival, Malaysia FIDBA – International Documentary Film Festival, Internationaler Wettbewerb, Buenos Aires
Selected for the short film program Short Export – Made in Germany. The program is a German-French cooperation between AG Kurzfilm, German Films, Goethe-Institut Lyon, Short Film Agency Hamburg and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
In parallel to the short film, the five-part podcast series FETT was produced, in which Katharina Bill talks to experts about the visibility and representation of fat bodies on stage and screen. Your conversation partners are Andrea Schneider, Antigone Akgün, Thomas Lichtenstein, Doris Uhlich, Julia Graefner On this website, on Spotify or iTunes
Funded as part of the LEIBER project by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, the MWK Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxony Foundation