“Politics is a question of how you live your life, not for whom you vote.”  
Jerry Rubin

Open relationships, wild marriages, blameless divorces: the ’68 generation are bound by the time in which they met and learnt to love. For the first time in modern society, new models for relationships were tolerated. How did this affect their roles as parents? How freely did they live their relationships? What were their ideals? What roles did equality, sexual freedom, fidelity, division of work, wanting children, methods of upbringing and handling conflict play?

Through interviews we let couples and their children talk independently from each other about how they perceived this time. How much did the ‘spirit of 1968’ have an influence on their childhoods? What repercussions did the patterns of the parents’ relationships have? Did these become models to follow or reject? To what extent are types of relationship a product of their times and where do experiences of change and uprising take place today?



Premiere: 11.03.2018
19 Uhr

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Julia Roesler

Research & Text 
Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler

Charlotte Pistorius

Music Direction Insa Rudolph

Judith Heese, Silke Merzhäuser


Foto: Felix Grünschloß


Ute Baggeröhr
Jonathan Bruckmeier
Jens Koch
Sithembile Menck
Antonia Mohr
Gunnar Schmidt


DIE EHEN UNSERER ELTERN is a werkgruppe2 production for Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.